Lil’ Explorer Girl (iPad drawing with Doceri)

This piece was inspired by my European summer adventure last year.


Tree Hugging

Lil' Girl hugs a Redwood

Lil’ Tree Hugging Girl (iPad Drawing)

Inspired by a recent trip to the California Redwood Forest, this drawing was done with Doceri & Brushes apps.

Explore Mount Rainier

lil girl and schwarz explore rainier

Lil’ Girl & Schwartz Explore Mount Rainier (iPad drawing)
This is the first drawing in a series that I am creating from my Rainier to Rockies Road Trip.

I used 2 drawing apps (Doceri & Brushes) because I like particular brushes for each.
I haven’t found an app that does everything yet, so I continue to switch between multiple apps.
Story of my life!