Lil’ Girl Loves Trees <3

Clearly, I have a thing for twisty trees.

Lil’ Reading Girl Under Twisty Tree [iPad drawing: Brushes app]


Lil’ Love Girl

I got to thinking that this Lil’ Girl with the big heart on her shirt would make a great t-shirt for little ones. I could see my 4 year old niece wearing this, maybe even choosing it instead of the “I love DADDY!” or “I love my Nana” t-shirts she has collected.
Lil Heart Girl
Lil’ Love Girl [iPhone drawing] – 2012

Lil’ Love Girl [iPad drawing: Brushes app] – 2013

Then again, maybe I should add saying like “I love my Nana!” along with the Lil’ Girl…

Twisted Tree

I painted this tree at Clayopatra Art Studio for a Open Corks & Canvas event. My version came out much more twisted than the version everyone else was painting.

This tree reminds me of the Bristlecone trees we just saw at Great Basin National Park in Nevada.

This is the first go at the painting!

Bristlecone Tree Painting

Bristlecone Memories [acrylic painting]

The next version is the same painting, but revised. As you can see, it is much darker and has some greenery.

Twisted Tree Painting

Bristlecone Twisted Tree [acrylic painting]

I intend to add Lil’ Girl & friends to different versions of these paintings.

Lil’ Girl’s greatest hits

Here were the favorites at Lil’ Girl Art’s first event.

Show the LOVE for Lil’ Girl!


Lil Heart Girl

Lil’ Heart Girl (digital drawing jewelry insert)

Everyone loves butterflies!

butterfly insert

Lil’ Butterfly (digital drawing jewelry insert)

Yard Art- Butterfly

Yellow Butterfly (ceramic yard art)


Requests for Artwork

Requisition: Bookends using an Explorer theme

Lil Girl Bookends

Time to put a backpack on Lil’ Girl in her ceramic form!
Might have to add one of Lil’ Girl’s other hiking friends like Lil’ Dog and Owl.

Requisition: Holiday snow people family plaque

2012-06-06 15.30.03


Items that were goggled at…

2013-03-27 18.56.50-1

Lil’ Plates (ceramic)

Interesting to note that everyone liked something different in terms of size and color.

Lil’ Girl Gets Out Into The World

Last night I had my first Lil’ Girl Art & Magnabilities event.

Lil Girl Art Card

I was excited to see that my cartoon Lil’ Heart Girl was a hit! She is now gracing a lanyard that Meesa wears as a nurse at a local hospital!

Lil Heart Girl

Lil’ Heart Girl [Brushes fingerpainting on iPhone]

Meesa’s enthusiasm for Lil” Girl inserts on her work lanyard got me thinking that I might want to make some LIl’ Nurse Girls (who wear a stethoscope) to add to the collection.

I want to thank my most fabulous host (and good friend) Meesa for opening her home and inviting her friends and colleagues to come check out my goodies.
I look forward to my next event at Anna’s in Enumclaw on Oct. 19th.

Under the Stars

I was inspired to poetry after watching an outdoor movie at the Mural Amphitheater at the Seattle Center.


I lay here under the stars, under the sky, under the needle.

The moon hides behind the clouds, behind the needle, behind the mural.

To be in the grass, in the crowd, in the city.

It is life –under the heavens, behind the screens, in the world–with others.