Coming Out Of The (Creative) Closet

When I was a kid, I drew and “made things” all the time. Most of my art was stuffed into a portfolio that slept quietly under my bed; a few pieces hung on the walls at my parent’s house. I always felt like it was my secret talent.

In the last couple of years,
I have let my creative side out of the closest.

butterfly and transformation iPad drawing

It started with a painting class at one of my favorite wine bars (Vino at the Landing), followed by a pottery class through Maple Valley parks with the fantastic KellySue Robinson (who has since opened Clayopatra Art Studio–FYI).

ceramic cartoon totem

This morphed into a monster of creativity with various media–be it iPad drawings, colored pencil drawings, paintings, ceramics, and jewelry.

 acrylic painting--an outhouse to put on the door of the outhouse 

To share all this creative energy with my friends and family, I have been giving away handmade gifts (when I can part with them). The primary recipients of my art have been people who go “oooohhhh!” and “aaahhhh!” when they see my stuff. I have come to take this as a sign of appreciation for my creative whimsy.

I am not sure why I kept my creativity locked away in a closet for long. It feels so amazing to complete something that took focused energy and imagination. But even more importantly, it feels me with joy when I see the cute, colorful, happy creations staring back at me.

iPad drawing - Experience Wonder says Lil Girl standing in the snow

Now, I am finally promoting my art and getting it out into the world. I have even created a logo and this blog to showcase my work. This is, of course, still a work in progress.

Lil' Girl Art Logo


2 thoughts on “Coming Out Of The (Creative) Closet

  1. As one of those who has oooohhh’d and aaaahhhh’d often, I can’t wait to see what is next! Looking forward to jewlrey show. Kier

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