Lil’ Girl & Friends

To begin the story of Lil’ Girl, I think it best to introduce her posse.

Most important, is Lil’ Girl’s best friend–a black cat named Schwartz.

20130812-224559.jpg 20130812-224500.jpg

Just as Lil’ Girl is a representation of me, so Schwarz is a representation of my real cat Grendel.
Originally, the Lil’ Girl’s bff was known simply as Black Cat.
That is, until I took a stuffed version of the furry friend to Europe, at which time Lil’ Girl’s traveling companion was renamed–multiple times.


Where ever I went, people would translate the descriptive name of Black Cat into the local language.

In Portugal–Gato Preto
In Spain –Gato Negro
In Italy –Gato Nero
In Bosnia & Croatia– crna mačka
In Germany –Schwarze Katze

Now, he is just Schwartz


Schwartz in clay


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