Lil’ Girl’s greatest hits

Here were the favorites at Lil’ Girl Art’s first event.

Show the LOVE for Lil’ Girl!


Lil Heart Girl

Lil’ Heart Girl (digital drawing jewelry insert)

Everyone loves butterflies!

butterfly insert

Lil’ Butterfly (digital drawing jewelry insert)

Yard Art- Butterfly

Yellow Butterfly (ceramic yard art)


Requests for Artwork

Requisition: Bookends using an Explorer theme

Lil Girl Bookends

Time to put a backpack on Lil’ Girl in her ceramic form!
Might have to add one of Lil’ Girl’s other hiking friends like Lil’ Dog and Owl.

Requisition: Holiday snow people family plaque

2012-06-06 15.30.03


Items that were goggled at…

2013-03-27 18.56.50-1

Lil’ Plates (ceramic)

Interesting to note that everyone liked something different in terms of size and color.


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