Been building a butter dish

My butter just sits on the counter on a plate, melting and running all over the place. I figured it was time that the butter got a home.

Here is the butter dish in progress. It is currently drying and will make it’s way to the kiln in the next week.

butter dish together

butter dish

butter dish together 2


Then on to the glaze…but what color?

Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Orange…Or maybe even WHITE!

Feel free to share your thoughts on the color!

I am attaching a few of my Lil’ Plates to give you some ideas.

lil plates lil plates Set of finished Lil' Plates


One thought on “Been building a butter dish

  1. Oh, this looks great and useful (you know I like useful). Please post when you are all done with the butter dish. My favorite color is the blue but it wouldn’t go with my kitchen or dishes. I’d love to see it with white glaze but they all are fantastic!

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