Your task is not to seek for love…

Love the poetry and art on ART FOR NOTHING. This poem moved me deeply.


“Your task is not to seek for love,
but merely to seek
and find all the barriers
within yourself
that you have built against it.”


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A new year, a new artistic you

Resolutions for artists, by an artist, as shared by Rachael Stanford on her literary blog “Street of Dreams.” Got me thinking on many counts!

Street of Dreams

I’ve never been particularly fond of New Years. Maybe it’s because I have always sucked at keeping my resolutions. Maybe it’s because I find the song “Auld Lang Syne” incredibly depressing.   Or perhaps it is because I feel like its a manufactured holiday that most people my age use as an excuse to get smashed.

Whatever the reason, I usually find myself plopped on the couch watching the “Twilight Zone” Marathon that runs on SyFy with a bottle of non-alcoholic strawberry sparkling water

But then I ran across this.
New Years IdeaWhat a wonderful idea! Instead of making a crapton of goals as an artist based on making money, procuring fame or producing a product, perhaps, we can instead find a way to help produce the inner peace in our art.

It’s so easy as an artist to fall into these traps. I especially fail with number 10…

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Waiting for Christmas…a poem

A day late, but hopefully not a dollar short.
As is hoped for on a holiday,
the day just got away from us.

The day went something like this…

Watching kids,
jumping up and down,
around the Christmas tree,
in anticipation and with glee,
dying to tear through the wrapping paper,
without pause or concern,
while being forced to wait…
until it’s your turn!

for your sister to finish!

Hold that up for a picture!

We aren’t barbareans!

Time for breakfast!
Oh, wait!
It’s already brunch!

And now everyone needs a nap…
And a shower…
Oh, wait!
The guests are already here?!?!

Bring out the yummy food and drink!

More kids,
More presents,
More waiting…
Where are those presents?
Who is that gift for?
What does the gift say?

Before we eat,
We need to call our parents!

What yummy foods should I put on my plate?
Where should we sit?

First, we need to say grace.
Ok, Go!
Dig in!

Merry Christmas!

Mile High Time with the Kiddos

The fall quarter of school is over and I am so glad to be spending time in Colorado with the family for the holidays.
Today was beautiful and the sun was shining in the mile high city. In cartoons, my cutie pie nephew and niece–J Dunc & Mad Dog–are smiling and happy in the sunshine.

In real life, they are fighting the winter cold bugs and coughing throughout the night. I hope they feel back to normal in no time!

Butter dish done–for real!

So I finally finished the butter dish and it looks AWESOME!


It even has some butter making itself at home already.
I will have to make more of these fun dishes and add them to my inventory to sell.

I think I will also make an English style dish that is more like a bowl with a lid. If you have seen some cool ones, feel free to share the links for inspiration!

Handcrafted gifts

I am excited to report that I have sold out of my first stash of Lil’ Plates.

A set of 4 are on their way to Rome to grace the home of my friend Caron.


The others will be part of a handmade Christmas gift idea put together by my girl Rebecca.

As you can see, the Lil’ Plates are perfect for a bar if handmade soap.