Making Snowmen with Procreate

Here is a draft and revision of the ceramic snowman I made this year.




Decided to try a new drawing app on my iPad since I am feel limited by Brushes. I currently use 2 versions of Brushes depending on the brushes I want to use. I tend to copy images and import between the two till I get what I want.

I read that Procreate was great and I tried it last night. So far I like it, but already see limits.

It only allows 3 layers max! That’s a problem. It does allow merging of layers though. That’s good.


3 thoughts on “Making Snowmen with Procreate

  1. Ok, I had to read and then re-read this a bunch of times…I thought you were making your snowmen procreate and then you said you tried it last night and liked it! Oh man, I get it now but I wasn’t sure what type of snowman positions I was going to find when I opened up the page. Phew, at least I had a good laugh (at my own expense!) Well, you know I love the snowmen!!

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