Lil’ Colored Birthday Girl

I did this drawing of my friend Michie who celebrates her birthday on St. Patty’s day. It was an executive decision to dress Lil’ Michie in a shamrock dress, but the shamrock tiara was all real life Michie that day.

I added filters using Camera Pro Plus app for iPhone just for fun. It started with green to stay with the theme of St. Pat’s day, but then I started having fun with other colors and ending up with an Andy Warhol gallery of Lil’ Birthday Michies.

I drew this in my journal while riding in the back of a minivan on our way to celebrate. I am surprised that this came out as cute as it did considering the jerky ride.

Lil Michie Colored Green Lil Michie Colored Red Lil Michie Colored Teal Lil Michie Colored Rust Lil Michie Colored Magenta Lil Michie Colored yellow Lil Michie Colored Blue
Lil Michie Colored Blue


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