Lil’ Monsters – Wolfgang’s Mom

Working on the Lil’ Monster Family. Say, “hello!” to Wolfgang’s Mom (in the early draft stage).



Color confusion:Originally, I intended to make Mom yellow,with a plan of making the family members different colors; the kids would be green, to reflect the mixing of the blue and yellow parents. However, I went with pink in this draft by suggestion of my nephew as he handed me the markers that he thought would be best for Wolfie’s Mom. I will share his monsters in an upcoming post.


These digital drawings were made in Sketch Book Pro on my iPad.


I messed around with different brushes for horns and tail effects, but have yet to make up my mind.




I would love to hear comments about these styles.


6 thoughts on “Lil’ Monsters – Wolfgang’s Mom

  1. Riki! You’re back! Where have you been?

    I like the second digital copy – the first with horns. The horn and tail style in that one fit the overall look of the monster more. In the second version, they kind of look like add-ons. They don’t gel with monster mama quite as seamlessly.

    • Hey there! Yeah, I was just buried at work and didn’t really have much time for my artwork and blogging. I so missed it. Thanks for your comments about the monsters. Yes, that’s it. The last tail and horns just aren’t as coherent even though the brush creates a cool effect. I think I’m going to try to make a swirly tail that fits the style more rather than a pointy devil tail.

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