Back to lil’ clay plates

I spent an afternoon returning to my love of the lil’ plates. This go around, I used the flowers with concave petals and included a different cute insect on each plate. 😉

The pottery studio that I now go to at Jefferson Community Center in Beacon Hill has a full size slab roller. I have only used the table-top version until recently, and now I am in Heaven! I also got a clear sense of how long these babies take to make; I made 6 plates in 3 hours, not including the time it will take me to glaze them after they come out of the kiln. That’s 30 min each.

As you can see, two of the plates are a little bigger than the others because I stubbornly insisted on rolling out the clay more until they were the size I wanted, which made the plates thinner, inevitably spreading out too much when I did the pressing and molding. It would have been better had I just started again with a little more clay so I could cut them at the consistent thickness. Lesson learned.


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