Lil’ Baby Girl

I’ve been working on a new character–a much younger version of my usual Lil’ Girl.

And with the cartooning class I am taking–and a possible job opportunity to illustrate a short whiteboard movie–I have been motivated to get her perfected, quickly. Part of our homework this week was to put together a model sheet of one of our characters, showing them from different angles.

Here is what I came up with for Lil’ Baby Girl.

2014-07-26 18.17.46 2014-07-26 18.18.09 2014-07-26 18.17.58 2014-07-25 16.19.42 2014-07-25 11.52.37

Rough sketches to figure out the proportions and expressions

2014-07-27 22.02.19 2014-07-27 22.02.03

Learning how to “ink” my drawings with old-fashioned brush and ink


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