World Building

Inside the Subaru

Pencil sketch of Lil’ Boy’s car–inside and out.

As part of the Cartoon Studio I just attended, we had a segment on world building.

What is the environment where the characters do their thing?

For my first comic, Lil’ Girl, Lil’ Boy and Black Cat head out on a road trip. Their main world–a Subaru Outback Sport. Very Pacific Northwest!



Lettering can express emotion and set tone.
Fonts, size, weight, randomness, evenness (or not), letting space, fluctuations, script vs type-setting.

Tricks for lettering that I find interesting…
Type out your fonts and text and trace it with the lightbox to get the best of both worlds – consistency and handwriting.

Create fonts for characters
Create your own font and use it.
Move the fonts with the music, rythm, or wind.
Use fonts to point to the next panel.
Use micron pens for lettering

The enemies of lettering
OMG! I have broken every rule of lettering so far.


History of Cartooning through Favorite Artists

I have a new appreciation for Donald Duck and Uncle $crooge after hearing about the history of these characters’ creator–Carl Barks. Followed by the history of the next Uncle $crooge artist–Don Rosa and the prized comic Uncle $crooge #219.
If, I mean when, I teaching a course on writing with comics, I will include an assignment on researching a favorite cartoonist and create a biography. And while we are at it, create a comic about the comic. 😉

Alternative Comics Techniques

Not all comics are in the traditional black ink and color. Here are some alternatives.

Pencil Comics
– Pencils
– Watercolors
– Markers
– Cut-outs
– Collage
– Decoupage
– Duotone
– Scratchboard
– Screentone
– Ballpoint
– Pixel
– Clip Art
– Photo Comics
– GIF Comics
– Sketch Book

Some of my favorites…
Renee French
Amanda Vahamaki
Sam Alden
Melanie Gillman
Leslie Stein
David McKean
Janet Lee
Alex Griggs

Tip of the Day! Basics of Picking Colors!