Letting go (of Lil’ Black Cat)

It’s been 14 since my Lil’ Black Cat (Grendel) entered my life. Paws down, he’s been the best cat EVER, which is why it will be so hard to let him go. Sadly, it’s about that time. Grendel is about 19 years old and his body is slowly giving out–considering he would be in his 90s if he were a person, it should be surprising that the end of the line is near. My vet reminded me that Grendel has already lived well beyond his years, as cats tend to live about 15 years.

As you can see, Grendel’s body has been through a lot over the years, yet he never lost his loving, friendly disposition. In the last few months, his kidneys have started to fail and he has been declining slowly.


Over the last week, it has become clear that the time has come. Grendel is no longer feeling very well.

He no longer cares to cuddle
…yet he won’t stray more than a few feet from me.
He finds solace in hiding out under the covers when I am gone
…even when it is 90 degrees outside.

But most notably….
He is drinking water like he just ran a marathon in the Vegas heat.
He no longer sleeps through the night because the call of the litter box is just too loud.

Tomorrow morning the vet will come to the house and we will say goodbye to my little furry friend. But before we say goodbye, Grendel will get some of his favorites–Mexican food, fresh tuna, and ice cream.

I will miss my cutie pie Gren terribly.
But when it is time, it is time.


I am already planning a book project about Lil’ Black Cat. Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Letting go (of Lil’ Black Cat)

  1. So very sorry about Grendel. He looked like a sweetheart. I had to put one of mine to sleep back in March, same reason (age), and she had just turned 20. She had a good life, she filled mine, and we spent 20 years moving coast to coast.

    Did not realize 15 is average for a cat… I’ve been very lucky then because all of mine have lived 18-22 years!

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