Lil’ Olivia’s Story(board)

Lil’ Girl Art has her first illustrating gig!

I am working on a whiteboard movie for the non-profit Childhaven. If you don’t know about Childhaven, here’s what they say about their mission:

Since 1909, Childhaven has been a safe and caring place for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. Today, our trailblazing childhood trauma treatment program heals the youngest victims of abuse and neglect and prepares them for success in school and in life.

By improving parenting skills and strengthening relationships, our mission is to break the cycle of abuse and neglect and lay the foundation for generations of safe and nurturing families.

My task is to create a cartoon movie that highlights one of their success stories, in this case, Olivia’s Story.

Below is the storyboard with my few new characters, including Lil’ Baby Girl (played by Olivia).


Stay tuned for the movie.


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