Glazing the Whimsical Bird Bed and Breakfast

Yesterday I posted the finished products of my toiling. Sorry I didn’t take shots of the assembly process, but I did document the glazing process. It was new for me to use these sorts of glazes and mix them in a such a way, so I wrote everything down in case there were parts I wanted to replicate. I also started numbering my pieces with a stamp on the bottom using a cover coat rather than a glaze.


Whimsical Birdfeeder – 1

Birdhouse from below



Birdhouse Layout for Colors



As you can see here, it is hard to tell what the the final glaze colors will look like when applied, which is why I took pictures of the jars and wrote down the names so I can compare when I am done.


The ladybugs got their red and black glaze on another day before they hit the kiln. Copper wire was used for the antennae and glued in.



Whimsical Birdhouse – 2




Birdfeeder layout for glazes


Here are the glazes I used for the feeder, pictured in order of the sections I applied them.




These 2 were not listed on the layout sheet: The green apple is insider the house and the teal blue is on the bottom. Neither of these are glazes, so they don’t melt & stick to the kiln when applied on the bottom and they are not slippery when the birdies sit on the edge of the house hole.




Back of birdfeeder


Thanks for Marissa Motto for her fabulous design and instruction. I can’t wait to take the Garden Bells class with her in November!

Schack Art Center Classes taught by Marissa Motto
  • Make fun ceramic art bells for adults and youth-
  • session #1 – Sept 24-Oct 8, Wednesdays 4:30-7:30 pm
  • session #2 –Nov 6-Nov 20, Thursdays 4:30-7:30 pm




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