Lil’ Friendz swinging through life

The next series of cartoons is inspired by my week with the real little people in my life–my niece, nephew, and little sister.

fun on the swings

fun on the swings


We had run our errands for the day and it was clear that the kids were antsy and likely to be bouncing off the walls for the next few hours if there wasn’t an intervention and soon. As we drove back into the suburban neighborhood, my sister said, “Let’s go to the park to get the crazy train out of these kids.” I understood the consequences of saying no and was all in. As soon as the doors of the mini-van opened, the little ones started their run for the swings.


Within less than a minute they had their butts on a swing and were in full character.

James was competitive and let us know about his mad swing-set skills.

“Look how high I can go!”

Madi was all about connection and, despite her mad swinging skills, asked for help.

“Aunt Riki, will you push me?”

It didn’t take long before I joined the kids in flying back and forth through the air. I forgot how much fun it is to just play for the day.




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