Lil’ Girl’s Birdhouse

Last weekend I spent the afternoon creating a bunch of birdhouses with my mom, adding more inventory to Lil’ Girl’s garden. As you can see it was a bit of a Santa’s workshop. 

The resin coating is always a bit of a mess, as I’m always trying to find a good way to hang the birdhouses while they dry and drip. It’s always an interesting challenge. We went with bungee cords and hung them in the garage.  It worked out perfectly.


Lil’ Hairdresser Girl

heather the fab hair stylist
[Lil’ Hairstylist Girl: Digital Drawing]
Illustrated with Manga Studio on Surface Pro 3

This illustration is inspired by my time in Taos, New Mexico with Heather and Michael. Heather, a fabulous hairdresser, adds to my collection of Lil’ Girl’s Friendz.

When snowcats are snow cats

2015-01-30 00.52.39


[Beware of Snowcats! Colored Pencil]

This cartoon is inspired by a story I heard while on my Snow Safari. A woman visiting from Sweden saw the warning sign on the mountain about snowcats and was nervous all week because she thought that snowcats were wild animals, not machines that groom the trails.

I love language translation snafus like this one!