Snow(girl) Sculpture

I miss playing with clay over the last few months, but playing with snow will do!

I’m thinking that this Lil’ Girl snow(wo)man counts in the same way ice sculpture would.
As I was building her, I realized that I was getting my need met to make something with my hands–something beyond drawing.Lil' Girl in Snowman form

Lil’ Snow Girl brings things full circle.

Flashback to 3 years ago when I was taking my first ceramics class 3 years ago, we had a lesson on making snowmen. It was close to the holidays, so what else would we make? I decided to turn a snowman into the character I used to draw when I took a cartooning class in high school. Lil’ Girl in the making!

After putting a head, hair, a snow hat, and a smile on my first snowman, turned snowgirl, my instructor, the amazing KellySue Robinson of Clayopatra Arts, suggested I make the whole figurine of my original character.

Snowman and snowwoman Snowmen dudes hanging out

Originally, the snowman was a clay girl, and now the girl is a snowman!

Lil Snowgirl with  (stuffed) animal friends

Lil Snowgirl with (stuffed) animal friends at Crater Lake, OR


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