Postcard from Yosemite

It was a foggy day at Yosemite when I visited last month. So much so that I was a little worried I wasn’t going to catch a glimpse of Half Dome. I have been told that you could see it from everywhere in the park, but the clouds were so thick that mountain tops remained elusive throughout much of the day.

As we trekked the final mile of our 8 mile hike to Vernal Falls, I exclaimed, “I’m never going to see Half Dome!”  My new hiking partner, Rose, heard my fear and with a contagious optimism pulled out these sage words of advice:

“Never say never. Keep your expectations wide open to the possibilities. You never know what the world is going to bring you!”

I knew she was right, and wondered where my own optimism was in that moment.

We continued on the final mile and made our way to the parking lot. As we were exchanging phone numbers and saying our goodbyes, I looked up and noticed the clouds parting, exposing the beautiful rockface of Half Dome in the evening twilight.

Never say never!

 2015-02-27 17.40.28


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