Basilica de Barcelona 


I finally got around to coloring this very cool church in Barcelona. I can’t believe I didn’t do a drawing of the Sagrada Familia cathedral. I’ll have to do one of those eventually because it was the most amazing Cathedral I’ve ever seen. I sure I won’t be able to do it justice though.


Barcelona beaches

European beaches aren’t all topless, some are even all nude. This sketch is inspired by a day at one of those special beaches in Barcelona, Spain.      

Oregon beaches 

Just found this drawing in my old sketchbook. It was from two years ago, inspired by a day at Canon Beach. Eagles were soaring over Haystack Rock and stole the baby bird eggs from the nests of the puffins and seagulls. It was a real National Geographic moment.  

Losing things along the way

This piece is about losing things along the way of life. I lost a hat, and much more, on my walk across Spain. 

It’s always just stuff, even when it’s emotional. 

Playing around with Hipstomatic app and photography of my artwork. 
 Thanks to Peter for showing me this cool app. 🙂

Lil’ Girl Art 2015

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Spanish Cathedrals

This sketch was inspired by an afternoon in Barcelona. After my adventure into and on top of the Barcelona Basilica, there was a musician playing flamenco in the square. It made me want to sit and draw.


Wine on the beach

This drawing is inspired by an evening on the beach in Spain. After walking the Camino de Santiago, I made my way to the end of the world –Finisterre–where I enjoyed an amazing sunset with delicious wine.

Pencil drawing–waiting for color. 

The bottom version is filtered and cropped with Instagram.    
Lil Girl Art