Night owl 

night owl and whimsical tree
[Night owl in a whimsical tree]

Digital drawing with MangaStudio on SurfacePro3 

Lil’ Girl Art 2015

All artwork protected by copyright


Running like lighting 

I finally made an original illustration of the cartoon I drew on my iPad Brushes app 2 years ago. Originally, this cartoon of my friend was created for a beer label.

Lil Garron and Mia

Lightning Brewery Ale and Lil Girl Art

Now there is also a watercolor illustration for the house!

Lil’ Girl Art 2015

All artwork protected by copyright

Dancing your own dance

Just as my writing tends to be heavily autobiographical, so does my art. Most characters in my cartoons are inspired by people in my world. This drawing is no exception. 

My dear friend Laura was a dancer once upon a time, and this year she is celebrating a milestone birthday. For her big day, I came up with this cartoon of her dancing in a swirly garden and basking in the sunlight. 

[Life is dancing your own dance]
Watercolor pencil

It started as a minimalist piece, but in the end I had to go full color. 🙂 

I loved experimenting with swirly borders and practicing people in motion.  I so relish making cartoons of (and for) my friends.


Happy birthday, Laura!

Lil’ Girl Art 2015
Art covered by copyright

Strike a pose


This watercolor pencil drawing is inspired by my recent accomplishment of making it to Santiago de Compostella, a 500 mile trek across Northern Spain. 

Dani and I posed in front of the cathedral for a victory picture, just like every other pilgrim walking into the square after completing the Camimo de Santiago.