Night owl 

night owl and whimsical tree
[Night owl in a whimsical tree]

Digital drawing with MangaStudio on SurfacePro3 

Lil’ Girl Art 2015

All artwork protected by copyright


2 thoughts on “Night owl 

  1. Very cute. I have been working with Manga Studio a bit here and there, but still don’t have it completely figured out yet. Ski always end up on photoshop. Which do you like better?

    • Thanks for the appreciation! 🙂
      I will have to check out your drawings next.

      I haven’t used Photoshop as much, except for little touchups. I like MangaStudio a lot, however, I haven’t really learned to use many of the advanced features. I wish there were more cool brushes, or that I knew how to customize them and create them. I think it’s time I put it on my agenda to sit down and watch a bunch of the tutorials. Now that I think about it, I could be motivated to try out a new feature and post the tutorial along with my illustration to help others. Have you found any videos that are especially helpful?

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