Temporal sequencing through panels

monster pg9

Our hero begins to doze off…


Character interactions

monster pg8

Mom does the yes, yes, you are such a big boy routine. She says, “Maybe you are right, but if the sweet dreams come call for me and I’ll chase them away.” As she shuts the bedroom door she calls out, “Rotten dreams! I hope the bedbugs bite!”

Establishing characters

monster pg2

We meet our main characters here! Mom tucks Wolfgang into bed as he tells her he is too old for hugs. “Only baby monsters need hugs” he says. His mom tells him it will keep the sweet dreams away, to which he gasps, “Sweet dreams?!?!”

Getting to know the main character


Here we get to know the main character’s personality a bit more. We see that Wolfgang fancies himself a brave and fearless monster, exclaiming, “Monsters aren’t afraid of sweet dreams!!!! Especially not me! I’m the bravest, bested monster of all!!!”

Monster pg 5

We move from school to the neighborhood, as Wolfgang tells us, “On Halloween, I skip the treats and go straight for the tricks.”