Establishing characters

monster pg2

We meet our main characters here! Mom tucks Wolfgang into bed as he tells her he is too old for hugs. “Only baby monsters need hugs” he says. His mom tells him it will keep the sweet dreams away, to which he gasps, “Sweet dreams?!?!”


Tree of life plates

I finally succeeded in making a larger plate that didn’t crack. This 8 x 8″ plate is similar in style, with the tree of life in the center, and similar colors (Blue Opal, Iridescent green, and Iridescent Violet) as the smaller 5 x 5″ plate I made a few months ago. Yay! Cross your fingers for dinner platters next.

Big plate cracks

So far my attempt at making big plates has failed again. This plate did not crack because it dried too fast on the edges, but rather it warped in the kiln and the glaze on the bottom edges stuck to the kiln, forcing a crack.

This really bummed out since it was the second attempt at this particular plate. I guess I’m collecting materials for a mosaic table down the road.

Art & Coffee

I’m thrilled to share that you can find some of my latest ceramics creations for sale at Metro Coffee on UWT campus. My thanks to Stef for offering to showcase my work and promote local artists, while also running the coolest coffee house in town! 


Spring Inspired Plates

I made space for some much needed time playing with clay in the last few weeks.

Created a number of different plates this time around.

Made a few big plates using slump molds and press molds. These first 2 spring inspired pieces are on their way to the kiln.

2016-02-27 11.51.58

2016-02-27 11.48.17

The biggest two cracked during the drying process and I tried not to cry at the loss of these babies.

2016-02-27 11.46.23

This one was 12X12

2016-02-27 11.56.05

This one was 14X6

Back to the drawing board ūüė¶

Snow(girl) Sculpture

I miss playing with clay over the last few months, but playing with snow will do!

I’m thinking that¬†this Lil’ Girl snow(wo)man counts in the same way ice sculpture would.
As I was building her, I realized that I was getting my need met to make something with my hands–something beyond drawing.Lil' Girl in Snowman form

Lil’ Snow Girl brings things full circle.

Flashback to 3 years ago when I was¬†taking my first ceramics class 3 years ago, we had a lesson on making snowmen. It was close to the holidays, so what else would we make? I decided to turn a snowman into the character I used to draw when I took a cartooning class in high school. Lil’ Girl in the making!

After putting a head, hair, a snow hat, and a smile on my first snowman, turned snowgirl, my instructor, the amazing KellySue Robinson of Clayopatra Arts, suggested I make the whole figurine of my original character.

Snowman and snowwoman Snowmen dudes hanging out

Originally, the snowman was a clay girl, and now the girl is a snowman!

Lil Snowgirl with  (stuffed) animal friends

Lil Snowgirl with (stuffed) animal friends at Crater Lake, OR

Lil’ Black Cats

Since I am on a 5 month road trip, doing traditional ceramic work isn’t really possible. In an attempt to find a substitute art form where I could use my hands, I turned to Sculpey polymer clay. It can be cured with a traditional oven and stays soft until you it is fired.

Here are a couple of experiments with one of my favorite characters–Black Cat.

For my first attempt, I used Original Sculpey and painted it all with acrylic paint.¬†I like the shape of the cat, but wasn’t too happy with how the nose and whiskers turned out. This cat is about 5″ inches high and about 3″ across.

2015-01-23 18.49.22 2015-01-23 18.49.37

For¬†the second try, I went with¬†the colored Sculpey III and just painted the eyes, nose, and whiskers after it was fired. This little guy took one block of black Sculpey and measures about 3″ long.

2015-02-21 13.58.39  2015-02-21 13.59.13

2015-02-21 13.59.04 2015-02-21 13.58.30

I also used resin to coat this little guy, which is what makes him so shiny.

2015-02-22 10.09.41 2015-02-22 10.09.05