Where’s the outhouse in this house?

Fun with acrylics!

Virtually Riki


Just found this post sitting in my draft folder and it made me laugh.

It’s a painting I made for a friend to put on her bathroom door since it’s hard to tell which door leads to the toilet and which leads to the garage.

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Lil’ friends on the road

This cartoon was inspired by my time in Tahoe with new friends. The Australian cattle dog where I was staying,  Austin is his name,  thought it was his job to herd all cars coming up and down the street and would go crazy when he saw one in the window. 

I finished this cartoon right before I left and realized that it was not so much a cartoon about Austin’s hurding propensity, but a reflection of what I expected to happen as I drove away in my little green car. Austin would notice me leaving and be very concerned. 

I was already going to miss my new friends Lauren & Austin!

Lil’ Girl’s Birdhouse

Last weekend I spent the afternoon creating a bunch of birdhouses with my mom, adding more inventory to Lil’ Girl’s garden. As you can see it was a bit of a Santa’s workshop. 

The resin coating is always a bit of a mess, as I’m always trying to find a good way to hang the birdhouses while they dry and drip. It’s always an interesting challenge. We went with bungee cords and hung them in the garage.  It worked out perfectly.

Lil’ Girl’s Birdhouses

Another art project I am working for Lil’ Girl’s Garden…Lil’ Birdhouses!

2014-12-31 11.56.32

Lil’ Girl’s Birdhouses


If you look closely, you may be able to see the sparkly of the metallic paint, the cute little glassblown ladybugs peaking around the houses, and the resin coating that gives them a high-gloss finish.

2014-12-31 12.05.31  2014-12-31 12.06.02

2014-12-31 12.11.09  2014-12-31 12.04.57

2014-12-31 12.06.28


Alternative Comics Techniques

Not all comics are in the traditional black ink and color. Here are some alternatives.

Pencil Comics
– Pencils
– Watercolors
– Markers
– Cut-outs
– Collage
– Decoupage
– Duotone
– Scratchboard
– Screentone
– Ballpoint
– Pixel
– Clip Art
– Photo Comics
– GIF Comics
– Sketch Book

Some of my favorites…
Renee French
Amanda Vahamaki
Sam Alden
Melanie Gillman
Leslie Stein
David McKean
Janet Lee
Alex Griggs

Tip of the Day! Basics of Picking Colors!