Home Sweet Home!

Just bought a new house and had to do a cartoon, of course.

Lil Girls New House

[Lil’ Girl’s Home Sweet Home]
Digital drawing on SurfacePro3 with MangaStudio

My new house in Tacoma

Lil’ Girl Art 2015

All artwork protected by copyright


Lil’ Girl Crying on the Camino

Lil’ Girl had some emotional days walking the Camino. The day before reaching Fancebadon Lil’ Girl spent time doing some deep reflection, which consequently brought up some deep emotions, and eventually, some tears.

Lil Girl crying under the cross in Fancebadon

[Lil’ Girl cries under the cross]
Watercolor Pencil

Cross at Fancebadon

[Cross at Fancebadon, Spain]

Lil’ Girl Art
Copyright 2015

Losing things along the way

This piece is about losing things along the way of life. I lost a hat, and much more, on my walk across Spain. 

It’s always just stuff, even when it’s emotional. 

Playing around with Hipstomatic app and photography of my artwork. 
 Thanks to Peter for showing me this cool app. 🙂

Lil’ Girl Art 2015

All artwork protected by copyright

Postcard from Yosemite

It was a foggy day at Yosemite when I visited last month. So much so that I was a little worried I wasn’t going to catch a glimpse of Half Dome. I have been told that you could see it from everywhere in the park, but the clouds were so thick that mountain tops remained elusive throughout much of the day.

As we trekked the final mile of our 8 mile hike to Vernal Falls, I exclaimed, “I’m never going to see Half Dome!”  My new hiking partner, Rose, heard my fear and with a contagious optimism pulled out these sage words of advice:

“Never say never. Keep your expectations wide open to the possibilities. You never know what the world is going to bring you!”

I knew she was right, and wondered where my own optimism was in that moment.

We continued on the final mile and made our way to the parking lot. As we were exchanging phone numbers and saying our goodbyes, I looked up and noticed the clouds parting, exposing the beautiful rockface of Half Dome in the evening twilight.

Never say never!

 2015-02-27 17.40.28

Swirled around the town

This weekend was perfect for exploring my own hometown like a tourist. During my urban adventure of Seattle, I couldn’t help but notice swirls all over the place. Here are a few–on a graffitied-wall in Belltown, in a mosaic on the waterfront, and on the sidewalk in Post Alley.



Alternative Comics Techniques

Not all comics are in the traditional black ink and color. Here are some alternatives.

Pencil Comics
– Pencils
– Watercolors
– Markers
– Cut-outs
– Collage
– Decoupage
– Duotone
– Scratchboard
– Screentone
– Ballpoint
– Pixel
– Clip Art
– Photo Comics
– GIF Comics
– Sketch Book

Some of my favorites…
Renee French
Amanda Vahamaki
Sam Alden
Melanie Gillman
Leslie Stein
David McKean
Janet Lee
Alex Griggs

Tip of the Day! Basics of Picking Colors!