Getting to know the main character


Here we get to know the main character’s personality a bit more. We see that Wolfgang fancies himself a brave and fearless monster, exclaiming, “Monsters aren’t afraid of sweet dreams!!!! Especially not me! I’m the bravest, bested monster of all!!!”

Monster pg 5

We move from school to the neighborhood, as Wolfgang tells us, “On Halloween, I skip the treats and go straight for the tricks.”


Establishing the setting

Monster pg 1

Establishing Shot: Outside the monster house, with a word bubble coming from the window. Our main character exclaims, “I’m 6 years old!”

Tree of life plates

I finally succeeded in making a larger plate that didn’t crack. This 8 x 8″ plate is similar in style, with the tree of life in the center, and similar colors (Blue Opal, Iridescent green, and Iridescent Violet) as the smaller 5 x 5″ plate I made a few months ago. Yay! Cross your fingers for dinner platters next.

Big plate cracks

So far my attempt at making big plates has failed again. This plate did not crack because it dried too fast on the edges, but rather it warped in the kiln and the glaze on the bottom edges stuck to the kiln, forcing a crack.

This really bummed out since it was the second attempt at this particular plate. I guess I’m collecting materials for a mosaic table down the road.

Art & Coffee

I’m thrilled to share that you can find some of my latest ceramics creations for sale at Metro Coffee on UWT campus. My thanks to Stef for offering to showcase my work and promote local artists, while also running the coolest coffee house in town!